Monday, June 10, 2013

Joey's grad speech and Holly's 10 tips for soccer :)

Holly's 10 tips for soccer

Joey's graduation speech

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Many Things Have Come To An End

OK- so before I talk about all the things that came to an end this month I will tell a funny story entitled, "I had no idea this guy was an Archbishop".  

So I notice there's a new guy from India at Divine Word where I work.  I figured he was just another priest that was passing through..had his big, huge cross dangling from his neck and looked all proper and such.  

Well, I greeted him the same way I greet all the other guys; I walk by him in the dining room and give him a punch on the side of the arm and said, "How ya doing?"  He just grinned at me. We became fast friends and I as always I continued to joke around with him, giving him high 5's when we passed in the hall, an continual punches in the arm as a 'warm greeting'...even shared a cup of coffee with him laughing hysterically at times.  

The other day I noticed this big sign on the bulletin board that said, "The Archbishop of India will be speaking on his mission work today."  Wow!  I thought..An Archbishop is speaking here?  That's something!  The guys were all buzzing about it and telling me that he is only one step lower than the pope and pales in comparison to Chicago's Cardinal Bernardin etc.  Hmmmm, I was wondering who this guy could be.  

When he got up to make his speech, it was HIM.  The guy I had been punching in the arm for 2 weeks!  

I went up to him at lunch today and said, "So Archbishop, how do the people in India greet you?"  He said, "Well Bridgette, when they see me walking down the road side they all lay face down on the street and as I walk over them they kiss my feet."  

So I was like..."uhhh, I bet no one punches you in the arm when you are greeted..."  "No-" he said with a huge smile on his face, and he broke into laughter.  

So by the time we got done laughing, he gave me his personal phone number and told me he wanted me to come to India and stay with him so he could give me a taste of what he does for his life's work.  As you all know- Only I could get myself in a situation like that.  So J0hn and I had a good laugh about it when I got home. 

Here he is wearing his big fancy hat.....

OK...on to my sentimental 'ends' this month...

The first thing that came to an end was Holly's age...from 8 to 9 years old.  We did the ole Nickel City birthday.  Give Holly and 3 of her friends a bag of nickels and let them run loose in the arcade.  She loved it.

The second thing that came to an end was Hannah's ballet (for the year anyway)...She did great in her recital!  She was in 3 dances--2 ballet and 1 bollywood.


 The third thing that came to an end was Joey's 11 year stretch at CHA..

It started out with 8th grade glorify chapel and any 8th grader could perform.  Joey chose to sing "Home" with his 'band'.  Here it is:


 3 days later Joey had his 8th grade banquet.  He won 2 awards- The Academic Achievement Award and the Heritage Award.  The Heritage Award is pretty neat.  The staff votes on which student they feel best represent what Christian Heritage Academy stands for in their spirituality, service and academics combined.  When they called his name I was floored....and very proud of him.  

Here is one of Joey's best friends since he was in 3 yr. old pre-school; proudly looking at each other's awards.

And here are the award winners...

 When all the hoopla was over and it was time to say goodbye to their friends and teachers, it was really, really hard.  The kids just bawled like babies....

And this is my favorite picture..Joey leaning into John as he reflects on the last 11 years at CHA.  He is so sad to leave this school behind.

It was exhausting I tell you! 

A few days after that was the graduation ceremony.  Joey was voted by his classmates to give the graduation speech.  It was fantastic!  I will get a video soon and share that with you.  He talked for about 15 minutes on being rooted in and built up in the word of God.  

Good thing it wasn't about modesty (my boobs hanging out over my shirt)


The next thing that came to an end was Jayla and Ryan.  They left last night.  It was sad and great at the same time.  As soon as we pulled up in front of their mom's house they jumped out of the car and screamed all the way up the sidewalk and into her arms.  It truly was a great day for them.  As we turned to leave, that's when the tears came.  Ryan hung on Johnny, Jayla hung on John, Tiffany hung on was sweet.  It feels empty in the house ( a little weird coming from a mother of 4 kids) but it just does.  

No more long term placements until after football season is over in November.  We will take a few short term- 1 week - placements here and there but that will be it for now.


The next thing that came to an end was Johnny's freshman year and his finals.  He passed- thank God.  I did hear whimpering and "I can't do this" coming from his room while studying for finals, but he made it through his first year.  Here is what he did for most of the year.....sat around with Holly's sun glasses on and did nothing...thus the bad grades...

He won an award for being a 3 sport athlete at awards night.  Can I just say that was the most boring event I have ever sat through in my life.


The next thing that hopefully will be coming to an end is the no-speaking relationship we have with Brian and Patty.  John and all 4 kids have a part in Kristy's wedding on the last Saturday in June.  I am dreaaaaaaaaaading it.  Rehearsal dinner, family time, blah blah blah.  I haven't spoken to them in  years.  It will be interesting to see how they treat me.  I'm already thinking about my rebuttals in my dreams......


And finally the next thing that is coming to an end would be moving mom from Muscatine. 

I am exhausted from it all.......


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The End is in Sight

The end is in sight and it will be bittersweet.

4 weeks to go.

I told Shelly it will be a bit like letting your child go off to the first day of kindergarten.

You cry in the car, 

cry as you hug them good-bye, 

cry as you get in the car

And then......

You run through Target yelling, "I'm free! I'm free!"

Here are some cute pics of the kiddos...Maybe, just maybe, they formed a friendship with us...

I feel a little sad as I look through these pictures.  

This will be all we have left and all they have left of 6 months in our and their lives.  

I plan on making a photo album for them so they have a remembrance of our time.  I can't remember anything was when I was 10, and I doubt they will either.

Johnny did well in track this year.  He ran the 100, the 200 and the 4x100 relay.  He took 5th in conference in the 100 and and 1st in conference in the relay.  His freshman relay team broke the school record at GBN and so for that he was very proud. 
 Can you believe he's gone from this...

 To this...... 
 This is a man...a deep voice, whiskers, hairy armpitted man.  When did this happen?  I never saw it coming.....

Joey is loving track as well.  Unlike Johnny, he is a long distance runner.  

 He's getting ready for his "Glorify Chapel" in a few weeks.  He's singing 'Home' by Phillip PhillipsThe graduating 8th graders all do a talent for the school in chapel.  I'll be sure to tape it and send it your way.


Holly is playing soccer and loves it.
    And yep- dad is coaching..She is doing great.


My job lately has consisted of getting paid to drink lemonade on a porch with old men and listening to stories.  Not a bad gig..

Today I took Bro. Joe to Wagner Farm in Glenview..He is SOOO cute!  

He was a dairy farmer for 50 years in Conesus NY.  He hadn't been on a farm in 25 years.  He is blind as a bat but LOVED every minute if it!


Hannah's ballet recital is in 3 weeks.  I'll send pictures as soon as I get them.  She has 3 outfits and they are beautiful!

That's it for now.  I think my time is up in my locked bedroom!